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Welcome to SCA 23 Reserved Grooming!  We anticipate a great turnout for our Centennial Event and are proud to offer several Reserved Grooming options.


  1. Park & Groom!  Located next to Grooming Tent, near Ballroom entrance and Bathing Stations.  This option consists of 2 side-by-side parking spaces which affords you the option to groom from your vehicle, set up with friends and even have your own pop-up tent or vehicle awning.  Those who have attended the Siberian Husky National may be familiar with this setup.  ONE vehicle may be parked in this space along with your pop-up, chairs, ex-pens, ground cover, etc.  $325.  Discounted to $225.
  2. 10 x 10 Double Space - located in the Grooming Tent, big enough for one or two exhibitors with room for a chair or 2.  $125
  3. 6 x 9 Economy Space - located in the grooming tent, great for exhibitors with a couple of dogs.  $85


Grooming Is CLOSED!

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